Dr. Bartosh, the gentle dentist

Today’s look at search engine optimization focuses the dental practice of Dr. Bill Bartosh. Dr. Bartosh is a Dentist in San Angelo, Texas. Dr. Bartosh has been in business for over 30 years and has an established dental practice. His patients love him and does good business in San Angelo, Texas from word of mouth. Dr. Bartosh performs cosmetic dentistry in San Angelo, Texas and as mentioned earlier has a strong practice.

The SEO setup

Dr. Bartosh was looking to increase his practice in San Angelo, Texas. Although, he was established, many of his patients were for lack of better words, expiring. To augment his practice and to tap into the local community through digital marketing, Dr. Bartosh commissioned a website at www.drbillbartosh.com. This website was of minimal value as the website was only built and not optimized for newer search engine technology.

The SEO Execution

To assist Dr. Bartosh, we employed a geographic and organic search engine optimization campaign. We implemented a variety of backlinks across the web pointing at specific pages and titled with the keywords we know would boost Dr. Bartosh’s numbers. We also augmented his website with a variety of geographic domains to help build his website business. Over the next three months his ranking steadily rose until today where he stands with a ranking site that generates tons of new leads each month.

The conclusion

With local sites like our gentle dentist, Dr. Bill Bartosh, it is best to use a geographic campaign. The geographic campaign is a great way to build new business.


About semdude

I am a professional website developer and content writer. My team and I focus on creating unique and engaging websites that capture the company spirit and inspire action!
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