The State of Education in Texas

Education has always been a subject near and dear to my heart. My family and myself in particular values time spent learning about the world around us and life in general. However, not everyone has equal access to the education that my family enjoys. Many children, who might have had bright futures, a summarily tossed out or put in substandard education due to mental disabilities. This is a travesty and it hurts my heart to see this kind of thing take place.

But here in Houston great things are afoot. A number of schools and academies have been started to address this very need. Today I am going to highlight one of them. River Oaks Academy in Houston, Texas is a beacon for children who need a little extra attention at school. At River Oaks Academy, children are treated with the care they deserve and are given the attention they need to succeed in school and in life. The staff at River Oaks Academy provides some of the best care in the industry. Each member is carefully screened and chosen for their ability to work with children and help them succeed.

Additionally, River Oaks Academy is one of a few special needs schools in Houston, Texas who are dual accredited. They will accept almost any child and are a great resource of both parents and students. If you have a child with special needs, take a few minutes to visit their website and place a phone call. It my humble opinion that you will be glad you did.

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Dr. Bartosh, the gentle dentist

Today’s look at search engine optimization focuses the dental practice of Dr. Bill Bartosh. Dr. Bartosh is a Dentist in San Angelo, Texas. Dr. Bartosh has been in business for over 30 years and has an established dental practice. His patients love him and does good business in San Angelo, Texas from word of mouth. Dr. Bartosh performs cosmetic dentistry in San Angelo, Texas and as mentioned earlier has a strong practice.

The SEO setup

Dr. Bartosh was looking to increase his practice in San Angelo, Texas. Although, he was established, many of his patients were for lack of better words, expiring. To augment his practice and to tap into the local community through digital marketing, Dr. Bartosh commissioned a website at This website was of minimal value as the website was only built and not optimized for newer search engine technology.

The SEO Execution

To assist Dr. Bartosh, we employed a geographic and organic search engine optimization campaign. We implemented a variety of backlinks across the web pointing at specific pages and titled with the keywords we know would boost Dr. Bartosh’s numbers. We also augmented his website with a variety of geographic domains to help build his website business. Over the next three months his ranking steadily rose until today where he stands with a ranking site that generates tons of new leads each month.

The conclusion

With local sites like our gentle dentist, Dr. Bill Bartosh, it is best to use a geographic campaign. The geographic campaign is a great way to build new business.

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Welcome to the Search Engine Marketing Blog

Welcome to our blog.

Here we will discuss search engine optimization its ramifications and how to implement it on your websites. These tips and tricks have been tested against current search engine technology. That is today say, today they work. The search engine landscape is changing rapidly though, so we cannot guarantee that these tips and tricks will work in the future.

What Search Engine Marketing does

Search Engine Marketing or (SEM) is a set of techniques designed to use search engine technology to drive relevant traffic and therefore new visitors to your website. The idea is simple. People use search engines every day to look for products and services they need. This effectively flips traditional marketing on its head. While traditional marketing seeks to drive sales by creating demand, search engine marketing seeks to tap into existing demand by presenting your company to searchers with an interest in what you sell. This new paradigm is more effective, less expensive and trackable.

Choosing a Search Engine marketing Company

Search engine companies run the gamut from the incredibly cheap to the incredibly expensive. As this is a new industry, companies are still determining pricing, value and level of services. Out of the gate though, a few companies are really making head way. The first, is a Houston based company specializing in organic search engine optimization.. The second company, also performs SEO services but focuses more on small and medium businesses. Each of these business can help with search engine optimization needs and are great on the customer service front. Below is their information.

Conroe Website Design
Texas Website Design

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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